Photonics Club

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Jampot Photonics has initiated “Photonics Club” across schools and colleges. Jampot Photonics a company involved in Research and development in Photonics Education has launched “PHOTONOICS CLUB” as a joint initiative with Electronic Science Department at Savitribai Phule, Pune University and Society for Promotion and Excellence in Electronics Disciplinary (SPEED) for spreading awareness and quality knowledge in PHOTONICS subject matter at Science and Engineering colleges

Photonics Club Activities

  • Focused meeting point for Photonics Enthusiasts in a college to increase awareness of Photonics technologies.
  • Direct access to Photonics Mobile laboratory, would open up opportunities to do hands-on experiments with Light, Optics, Solar and OptoElectronics.
  • Access to State of Art Phoenix Photonics Integrated Circuit Design platform and hand holding.
  • Online Knowledge forum for collaboration.
  • Reference to relevant Photonics knowledge material made available.
  • Jampot Photonics portal that would serve as single point for collaboration initiatives.
  • Organization of Photonics seminar and webinars from experts in India as well as abroad in future. Certificate courses and workshops in Photonics and participation in Seminar series.
  • Guidance for Paper preparation and presentation.
  • Visitors & Photonics enthusiasts can access Facebook


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