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Jampot Photonics and Phoenix Software collaboration

PhoeniX Software, Enschede, the Netherlands, and Jampot Photonics Pvt Ltd, Pune India, have entered into a formal business relationship. This association enables both parties to promote photonics and its other interdisciplinary technology in India, with core focus on Photonic Integrated Circuits. PhoeniX Software considers Jampot Photonics as their strategic development- and support partner in India and has the intention to strengthen this by involving the Jampot team in Technical Documentation, Customer Support and future developments in due course.

Jampot Photonics is a research & development and knowledge sharing company established in 2014. Jampot Photonics as a company desires to play the leading role in creating awareness about photonics and to prepare strong foundation for photonics fabrication industry in India. India had missed semiconductor industry revolution in late ’80s and ’90s but with current efforts across different spectra Jampot Photonics would facilitate in accelerating and establishing ofPhotonics as an industry. Jampot Photonics venture is into establishment of the first Photonicsdesign house in India with a long term vision to create a World class Photonics cluster. Through collaborative research with National and International universities, research institutes and industries, the company will progressively contribute to development of photonics in India.

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The semiconductor fabrication  industry has not  been successfully developed in last 4 decades in India. This gives Jampot Photonics an opportunity to collaborate with European , American , Korean and Japanese companies to share intellectual property and  enables through licensing to produce high end commercial products to be manufactured  and marketed in Indian market.

This provides the initial breakthrough for Jampot Photonics to acquire and equip itself in realizing the long term vision of creating a “ Photonics Cluster “ in India. This cluster would be totally indigenized for  Indian market  and would provide a platform for academics, scientist and commercial entities to co-operate , collaborate  and innovate under single umbrella to take India as one of the world leader in Photonics technology.


Pune University and Society for Promotion and Excellence in Electronics Disciplinary (SPEED) for spreading awareness and quality knowledge in PHOTONICS subject matter at Science and Engineering colleges


In a knowledge partnership with Bright Photonics, Jampot Photonics is providing design solutions in PIC and project assistance.

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Jampot Photonics is supported by Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools of PhoeniX Software. This provide flexibility for R & D team of Jampot Photonics to work in Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC), Silicon Photonics & MOEMS.