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Photonics Day Celebrations @ MIT, Pune

Day of Photonics Celebration 2017

Day of Photonics was celebrated at MIT, Pune. Friday, 8th Sept 2017. Day of Photonics, which is celebrated as on 21st October 1983, the General Conference of Weights and Measures adopted the value of...

Day of Photonics Celebration, 2014 0

Day of Photonics Celebration, 2014

Venue- ICIT Conference hall, Department of Electronic Science, University of Pune. Date- 21st Oct 2014. About the Event- On 21 October 1983, the General Conference of Weights And Measures adopted the value of 299,792.458...


NCAEIA Event At Pune

NCAEIA – National Conference on Advances in Electronics and its Interdisciplinary Areas, 2014 was a two day conference held at Fergusson College, Pune on 19th-20th September. It was a solidification of diverse analysts who...

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ASPC Event At Kolkata

ASPC event at Kolkata from 18th July 14 to 21-July 14 ASPC– Asian Students Photonic Conference,2014 was held in IISER Kolkata on 18-21 July. It was a stage which had a treasury of talks from...

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