Photonics is the interdisciplinary discipline which is about generation, reception and manipulation of light to develop various applications. The integration of devices and components which generate, receive and manipulate light on a single substrate is photonic integrated circuits. Photonics as a technology envisages a future where in information is completely stored, processed and communicated only using photon or to say using light as a single entity. Current technological innovations which have found application in everyday life have significant utilization of photonics such as:

– Photovoltaic solar energy
– Laser ( CD R/W, Remote controls)
– Biomedicine/ Biomedical Optics (Endoscopy, laparoscopy)
– LED lighting
– Display(LED & LCD’s)
– Optical communication (Fiber optic)
– Optics( Spectroscopy, Microscopy/Telescope)
– Satellite ( Intra communication system)

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